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When Karl Lagerfeld photographs Aim

When Karl Lagerfeld photographs Aim

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Karl Lagerfeld has been going beyond the world of fashion and haute couture to focus on new projects for a long time, where he didn’t expect. The latest one? His collaboration with the brand But. This gave him carte blanche (and black), to photograph some of his furniture and decorative accessories from his back-to-school collection 2013-2014. Putting their photographer's gaze on them and the aesthetic requirement that characterizes them, the scenographies obtained are as sharp as they are sophisticated. And in just a few shots, the brand offers a dazzling move upmarket!

Sublimated everyday objects

Goal / Karl Lagerfeld Under the watchful eye of Karl Lagerfeld, everyday objects are made upscale. Of course, he did not fail to inject them with his personal touch: a lamp designed like a men's suit, an essentially silver-colored camera and his cat star, Choupette, whose portrait was reproduced to infinity…

Star lounge area

Aim / Karl Lagerfeld Luxurious ambiance for this black & white salon with expertly mastered decor. Its strong point: the balance between the strict curves of the leather sofa, and the femininity of the vases as well as the padded aspect of the poufs.

Latest generation wall decoration

Goal / Karl Lagerfeld To energize a trio of workshop windows, what could be better than a perspective of bright fabrics in the shape of high-tech light bulbs? Where when the "art gallery" effect flies to the future!

Photo studio style bedroom

But / Karl Lagerfeld It is by drawing inspiration from the world of photo studios that Karl Lagerfeld revisits the intimate decor of the room. "Projector" style floor lamps, black accessories on a white background and set of magnifying mirrors in the crosshairs!

Cinema box atmosphere

But / Karl Lagerfeld Back in the room to tame the small details of decoration with a magnifying glass. We particularly like the hyper-design psyche mirror that blends into the corner of the room and the divinely stainless steel accessorization of the chest of drawers.

Unstructured staging

Aim / Karl Lagerfeld Breaking the codes of wise and traditional decors, Master Karl Lagerfeld reveals a bias unstructured from all points of view: oblique shelves in the library, fragmented lighting between various sources of light ... To believe that the living room is reinventing itself life, like in the movies!

Sophisticated TV corner

But / Karl Lagerfeld Another overview, still in black and white, of the living room. With focus this time, the TV corner. Yet another reinterpretation of the style "cinema, theater and design" for which we can only fall for it.