The kitchen invites itself into the living room

The kitchen invites itself into the living room

Reflecting the modernity of our interiors, the kitchen opens up more and more to the living room. A way to bet on conviviality by refusing to choose between living place and place of preparation. We like to cook while participating in the animation of the house. We give you 20 keys to succeed in this transformation.

Integrate the kitchen into a living room

Cuisinella If you are lucky enough to have a large living room, the kitchen will fit in perfectly, if however it is made of materials that do not clash with your living room. For example, opt for a stainless steel island and an anthracite gray fridge if your stay is mainly sober or in an industrial style.

Two in one space

Ikea You may prefer to separate the kitchen area and the living room without partitioning the space. To do this, choose kitchen elements of the same color and style as your living room furniture to create visual continuity. The little extra? Keep the same coating on the walls and floor.

Change the floor covering

Leroy Merlin In this American kitchen which overlooks a warm living room, the floor covering has been changed in order to delimit the two spaces. On the kitchen side, it is gray tiling in harmony with the island, and on the living room side a solid parquet floor gives a more rustic side.

A separating wall

Cuisinella This kitchen may be open, but it does not encroach on the living room since a section of wall separates the two spaces. Consider hanging photo frames, a clock or even placing a sticker on it to dress it up more, especially if it is painted white.

A small canopy as a partition

Lapeyre On one side, a large bar counter makes the transition between the dining area and the sofa. On the other, a small glass wall allows you to better isolate yourself when cooking and to create a separation on the living room. The advantage? You let in more natural light and avoid spreading kitchen odors.

A spacious central island

Siematic American cuisine is not necessarily placed against a wall. It can be in the center of the room and give all around on your stay. But, in order not to create unfortunate contrasts, favor an elegant island made of luxurious materials such as marble.

A small U-shaped kitchen

Leroy Merlin Among the different possible layouts, a U-shaped design is ideal for a room that invites itself to the living room. The work plan will then act as a separation between the two spaces and will prevent you from having the kitchen "overflows" onto the more cozy part of your interior.

Furniture from the same range

Ixina Do you want your kitchen to be one with your living room? Choose a range of furniture composed of storage for the kitchen but also furniture such as a bookcase, a coffee table or a TV cabinet dedicated to the living room.

Integrate the dining area in the kitchen

Cuisinella For your living room to be reserved for relaxation and leisure, forget the traditional dining room and integrate a dining area directly into your kitchen. The latter can be an extension of the island, a retractable table or a table installed in the kitchen.

With an island

Ikéa Easy to combine spaces with subtlety thanks to a central block. The kitchen is offered an XXL worktop. In the living room, dishes and other accessories are stored in a buffet.

Without any demarcation

Alinéa Totally open to the living room, here, the contemporary and colorful kitchen is no longer hidden. The two spaces are naturally integrated in a single room.

Nothing better than a bar

Fly To open the space, we also easily opt for a counter - American kitchen type - which always leaves the possibility of communication. We choose it in darker or lighter tones to enhance it as a piece of furniture in its own right and not as a simple partition.

We reverse the elements

Ikéa For more originality, we keep the concept of partial separation between the two rooms but we divert the codes. By changing the location of the various equipment, we prepare food in the living room and read books in the kitchen.

A bench furniture

Goal Still a little in the kitchen but already in the living room. The work plan is grafted a seat which immediately makes the link with the living room sofa.

We play extra time

Conforama One and the same piece of furniture to merge kitchen and living room. Here, the coffee table and the dining table are one. A beautiful idea that will inspire more than one!

Perfect match

Mobalpa With furniture of the same color and design, we create an exemplary and complete unity between the kitchen and the living room.

The touch of color

Aviva Same principle. The furniture is standardized. The most of this space? The walls of the kitchen and living room, both painted in purple, respond to each other and provide additional complementarity.

In total harmony

Siematic Here, the kitchen and the living room are unified thanks to the continuity of the materials. A single natural light wood panel for the two rooms. The white shelves run on the wall and then hug the corners of the worktop.

Architect's furniture

Mobalpa With this multifunctional unit, the kitchen and the living room mix. On one side, we place the hi-fi elements and sit at the table. On the other, we hide the appliances and we simmer good little dishes.