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Spring flowers settle in the garden

Spring flowers settle in the garden

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Since March 20, it's spring! And his arrival marks the flowering of certain species in the garden. Here are some flowers that you will soon find at home.

The primrose

Truffaut ### The Zebra Blue primrose is a primrose with large flowers of 4 to 5 cm. It sports a pretty white and blue color with small stripes that make it a very original flower! It takes place both in the garden and on the balconies (1.60 euros per pot at Truffaut).

Prunus persica

Truffaut ### The prunus persica is the learned name of the ornamental peach tree which originates from Vietnam. Thanks to its good resistance to cold, it flowers fairly early in the year. The flowers are red, pink or white depending on the variety. The good news is that it is also grown in vats.


Truffaut ### The lophomyrtus x ralphii "Magic Dragon" is commonly called myrtle! It is a small bush that colors winter with its pretty pinkish red color. In spring, we see white flowers appear which will give way to red berries that will delight birds.


Truffaut ### A superb pastel pink flower for all self-respecting girls! When pink dresses the garden, you immediately feel a romantic atmosphere. All that's left is to tell the story!