Stripes are fun in the bedroom

Stripes are fun in the bedroom

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Stripes are the new stars of the bedroom. Fine stripes, thick stripes, whether in the bedroom of children or parents, they provide. We can choose colors, associate colors and patterns, in short, create a personalized and ultra-trendy decor. To give you ideas, here are 10 rooms in which stripes are fun.

Striped furniture

Maisons du Monde This is the big trend of the moment: striped furniture. All major brands offer their range. Striped furniture can also be customized and thus perfectly integrate into your decor.

Striped lamps

PCM Création Lamps and light garlands can also be dressed in stripes. Here you admire a particularly original model of PCM Création, it can be placed or hung.

Flowers and stripes bed linen

Zara Home Here is a magnificent marriage: flowers and stripes. This set proposed by Zara Home is as fresh as spring. The colors are vivid and enhanced by the presence of white. We love the mix of patterns, it is the favorite of the editorial staff.


Saint Maclou This room exudes well-being. The colors are sober, and the stripes wide and in harmony with the patterns. We love the classic furniture brought up to date, the natural parquet and the curtains that perfectly dress the window.


Harlequin Stripes can be modern! This is what the Harlequin brand proves to us with these tapestries and this household linen. The choice of colors is simply perfect and the width of the stripes brings a touch of modernity.


Harlequin Scratches do not need to be present in large quantities to have maximum effect. Here you discover a bedroom where stripes are omnipresent on the headboard and well marked on the curtains. The decor is harmonious and very trendy!

Striped curtains

Heytens If there is a place where the stripes have fun, it is on the curtains. You can choose a shade of your favorite color or a multitude of colors. The magic of stripes is that they have the ability to change the appearance of a room depending on whether they are placed vertically or horizontally.

With ease

Designers Guild Here you find a set of stripes that bring a simple touch of color and a maximum of cachet. The room is bright, sober and very pleasant. And all this, thanks to well-chosen bed linen.

Stripes on the carpet

Delamaison Having a striped carpet, in the bedroom of an adult or in the bedroom of a child, is a roundabout way of bringing color but also of modifying the space. Depending on the position of the carpet, the room will appear longer or wider.