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The new collection of Schmidt kitchens

The new collection of Schmidt kitchens

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The new Schmidt kitchen collection fits in with the trend. Noble materials, pure and linear lines, controlled lights, nothing exceeds, everything is impeccable. The kitchen space is then transformed into a space of creation where everything is in place to give free rein to your inventiveness! At table…

Black and white kitchen

Schimdt All in contrast, this black and white kitchen has a vintage atmosphere with its sanded finishes which dig the veins for a raw and authentic aspect.

Trendy cuisine

Schimdt Harmonious lines, light and soft colors, wood from sustainably managed forestry operations give your kitchen an air of trend.

Wood-clad kitchen

Schimdt The oak veneer furniture reveals the knots of the wood. They are associated with a light credenza in tempered glass, printed with patterns for a mixture of bold and successful styles.

Scandinavian cuisine

Schimdt The originality of this kitchen lies in the finish of the wood. As if frankly sawn, the closet doors create a Nordic spirit. Enhanced with touches of orange, they warm up on contact with color.

Glamorous cuisine

Schimdt Elegance and character inhabit this kitchen which mixes opposite styles. The old checkerboard floor contrasts nicely with contemporary white and black lacquered furniture. A shock of styles that will delight him.

Bold cuisine

Schimdt It's the perfect harmony between the kitchen and the living room! Wide open, it harmonizes with colors, materials and design to best integrate into your interior.

Very inspired cuisine

Schimdt This kitchen combines soft colors and curves. A successful marriage that will be a great ally for small spaces.