A natural room for babies

A natural room for babies

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To create a soothing and fulfilling room for your baby, the natural style is ideal with its soft colors and warm materials. It will help the newborn to feel secure. Discover five nursery atmospheres to inspire you.

Soft colors

Aubert ### The bedroom must be a real bubble where the baby can flourish. To soften the space, we choose a warm and bright atmosphere. Bet on light green on the walls and choose a combination of white and light wood for the furniture.

Green as the center color

Aubert ### If you want baby's room to be more like a garden than a bedroom, do not hesitate to use the color green throughout the room. You can paint the walls using two different greens to make the room bigger. Add some green fluff to make the room fun.

Natural materials

La Redoute ### Consider incorporating natural materials: use solid wood for the furniture, choose linen for the curtains and opt for an ecological paint to protect baby's health while preserving nature.

Decorative accessories for a natural style

Vertbaudet ### To decorate the room of the new born in a natural style, offer him stickers representing trees or funny little animals. You will find many toy boxes and other storage accessories that use this type of pattern, but you can also customize them yourself.


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