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The same for less: a designer stool

The same for less: a designer stool

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The stools are practical seats which, on closer inspection, offer a variety of styles. Industrial, vintage, design spirit ... they are on the side of smart furniture to adopt urgently at home. To sit your friends who go by unexpectedly or simply because they are decorative, discover without further delay our selection of stools for all budgets.

Tolix high steel stool in raw steel 247 euros / Industrial design stool in aged metal Factory 89 euros

Tolix - Factory At the top of the list of industrial stools, the Tolix stool in raw steel finds a counterpart in a low-cost version at Factory.

Concrete stool Ambient direct 159 euros / Light gray stool mineral concrete Maisons du Monde 69.99 euros

Direct atmosphere - Maisons du Monde The outside also lets itself be seduced by the stools. But this time it is the concrete that will delight him. In light concrete fiber or composite to imitate it, it's all a question of price!

High stool 73 Au bon pin 189 euros / Bistrot Maisons du Monde bar stool 99.99 euros

Au bon pin - Maisons du Monde Ideal for a trendy bistro atmosphere, the curved wooden bar stool is back in decoration. Which one will you choose: the original Thonet or its copy seen at Maisons du Monde?

Natural blue foam stool 305 euros / Livingston Maisons du Monde stool 89.90 euros

Bleu Nature - Maisons du Monde Bleu nature has largely inspired the trend with its driftwood furniture. Remixed in less noble materials, it is now possible to infuse this natural touch with the Maisons du Monde stool in brown leather topped with 4 feet in rosewood.

Le Grenier tractor stool 158 euros / AM PM tractor stool 49 euros

Le Grenier - AM PM Rather original to dress a small auxiliary office, the tractor stool, which bears its name so well, sold more expensive when it is made of cast iron, drops to 48 euros at AM PM with its abs material.

Olivia Transparent paragraph stool 129 euros / Pop Art bar stool Maisons du Monde 59.99 euros

Alinéa - Maisons du Monde You are looking for a designer bar stool that is not visually imposing, the transparent resin model or the cheaper translucent acrylic model will find its place near your bar.

Crescent Quilted Genuine Leather World of the stool 174.99 euros / Red bar stool Dig 2 Fly 80 euros

World of the Stool - Fly This bar stool as comfortable as a chair with its arched backrest, to fit the lower back as it should, also exists in a cheaper version in abs at Fly.