The bathtub gives the style of the bathroom

The bathtub gives the style of the bathroom

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The bathtub is one of the things that add real value to your home. It gives its style to the bathroom and predicts more than pleasant moments of relaxation. Here are some baths to inspire you in your bathroom.

Aquamass light bathtub

Aquamass ### The light bathtub The bathtub becomes a therapy area thanks to the light version. You will benefit from all the advantages of light therapy while taking your bath. What to recharge your batteries as much as possible. Dip Chromo bathtub by Aquamass.

Rectangular bathtub

Teuco ### The contemporary bathtub The contemporary bathtub drops the traditional rounded codes in favor of a very refined line with a rectangular bathtub. It brings a very original designer touch to the bathroom. Pacha bathtub by Teuco.

Cow Aquamass bathtub

Aquamass ### The themed bathtub The bathtub completes the decor of your room. For a chalet atmosphere in the mountains, you will choose a bathtub with a cowhide-style covering. And the bathtub naturally becomes a decorative object. Stone Just Animals bathtub by Aquamass.

Teuco wall-mounted bathtub

Teuco ### The shower bath The bath can also be ultra functional and act as a shower. Thanks to a wall on one side of the bathtub, no risk of water landing on the floor. And you save water by choosing a shower! Teuco bathtub.

Lion paw bath

Herbeau Créations ### The lion's foot bathtub Classic, it gives a real century-old look to the bathroom. It is the centerpiece of the room and brings a very feminine touch. Know that the classic model is made of cast iron! Marie-Louise bathtub by Herbeau Créations.

Barrel bath

FR 66 ### The old-fashioned bathtub And to take a bath in the Middle Ages version but with all our current comfort, opt for a barrel bathtub. It is a large, round, wooden barrel-shaped container with two interior seats. Barrel bath by FR 66.