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The mosaic enhances the decor

The mosaic enhances the decor

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At home, inside and outside, the mosaic is an indisputable decorative asset. The mosaic comes to us from Roman Antiquity. It has survived through the ages and is present today in all rooms of the house, on the floor, walls and even furniture. Do you want to discover or adopt the mosaic? Here is a slideshow that will help you in your choice of materials as in your decor.

Parental suite

L'Antic Colonial In this master suite, the mosaic has been placed on a wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom. We love the choice of colors that go perfectly with the decor of the room while giving it a contemporary edge.

Shade of gray

Emil Ceramica Here you discover a mosaic that stands out thanks to the magnificent shades of gray. The mosaic has been placed on a counter but it will be just as beautiful on a wall or a bar.

A section of wall

Grespania Ceramic And yes, the effect is stunning! Opting for the mosaic on a wall of the bathroom allows for a very current and above all very beautiful decor. Our advice: favor the colors in accordance with your furniture and the other elements of the room.

Natural shades

L'Antic Colonial Here is a mosaic that stands out for its modernity. We love the natural shades that will have a special place in the kitchen or the bathroom. A coating proposed by the Antic Colonial.


L'Antic Colonial Whether you choose a black and white decor or a wild decor, you will love this mosaic full of surprises. It finds its place in all rooms of the house, you add the decor!

Mini Mosaic

Mutina Here is a very trendy mini-mosaic to associate with a retro decor or a pop decor! This shade of gray is perfect if you have colored furniture. The coating is offered by Mutina.

Pop mosaic

Dune Here is a particularly successful pop mosaic. Here it is presented in a kitchen in which the elements are white, so it is really highlighted. Ideal for an offbeat decor, this is the favorite of the editorial staff.


Panaria ceramica The mosaic is a coating that allows all the eccentricities. Here you find a coating that offers touches of gold for a decor that is both girly and exotic.

Pink mosaic splashback bathroom

Delpha #### Colorful What if the mosaic allows you to multiply the touches of color? This is what Delpha offers you with its mosaic in shades of bright roses. We love the pep's of the coating and the good humor of the bathroom.