10 trendy colors for the facade of my house

10 trendy colors for the facade of my house

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Business card of our houses, the facades are subject to bad weather and can quickly show signs of soiling. To restore radiance to our exteriors, many colors exist today and can easily be adapted to your accommodation, the regional style in which you live or the orientation of your home. Zoom on ten colors at the top of the trend this season.

Red against austerity

Tollens This year again, the color red remains at the heart of the trend. Dynamic and full of character, red breaks the monotony and brings a warm touch to our facades. Exit the total look, we choose to associate this color with a clear putty to create rhythm effects and keep bright areas.

An eco-contemporary house

Tollens When it comes to color, contemporary architecture often chooses neutrality. In this house, the main body has been painted in pure white and nicely contrasts with the extension covered with wood, thus highlighting this choice of natural and ecological material. A simple but effective bias!

Perfume of nature

Tollens Nature is one of the most popular ideas again this year. This decorative trend can easily come to life outside your home. To obey such an atmosphere, the colors must draw towards the clear, so we will favor wooded colors and raw textures: green, gray, white or beige colors for example.

A graphic pavilion

Mathys Located in a suburban area, this recent house is distinguished by the graphic aspect of its facade. Taking up the gray of the slate roof, the facades on the right and on the left sublimate the purple facade, creating a play of contrasts and an interesting animation.

A sweet entry

Tollens After the trend of white or red houses, make way for light facades! Powder pink, beige, gray or light blue… pastel colors are definitely on the rise. To bring softness and accentuate the welcoming atmosphere of your home, combine pastel pink, white and gray. Guaranteed result!

New England inspiration

Colora To respect the New England style of this pretty house, the main facade has been painted in a sandblasted shade. The large surface of the roof brings an interesting contrast with its gray.

An orange lime

Tollens Not always easy to choose the right paint for your exterior facade. Why not bet on an orange lime paint? Economic and natural, since it does not contain resins, it will allow you to create, in the blink of an eye, a comforting, reassuring and warm environment.

A blue facade

Thinkstock Flashy colors are back on the scene this season. Bright colors that come at the right time to energize and enliven our facades. In this movement, the blues, star colors, are coming in force and come this year from the lightest to the darkest, to please all tastes.

A string of complementary colors

Tollens To accentuate the sunny spirit of your home, do not hesitate to mix warm tones with cold tones on your facade and on your shutters. You will associate yellows and oranges with their complementary colors for a perfect balance of harmony.


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