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Refreshing colors for the home

Refreshing colors for the home

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Summer is finally here as are the temperatures that go with it! Suddenly, we want a little freshness in the house. Besides fans and other cooling systems, did you know that colors can make your home feel less warm? Discover in pictures the colors that will help you spend the summer.

Gray to evoke the storm

Ikea The storm gray you know? It is a fairly dark but very bright gray which evokes the stormy sky in summer. Ideal for blowing a fresh breeze in your interior! However, do not paint this color on the whole room, otherwise it will darken, but rather associate a gray wall with white.

Green for a vegetal atmosphere

Dulux Valentine So that your interior is summery while offering you a refreshing spirit, we evoke the vegetation with a clear and dynamic green. You can install it in any room with white.

A seaside color association

Dulux Valentine To refresh your interior, nothing like evoking the sea air. Also, we skillfully mix white, gray and blue in a room to create a very Atlantic atmosphere.

Gradient blue

Dulux Valentine And always to evoke the sea, we can play the gradient card with a deep blue and a lighter one that will both settle on the same wall with a blurred transition.

Water colors

Dulux Valentine For a fresher house, you can play with colors like green water which gives an elegant atmosphere while softening the house. It goes very well with blues and other greens.

Midnight blue in contrast

Dulux Valentine To refresh this interior, we bet on a duo of contrasting colors by opting for a predominantly white decor that we enhance with a dark blue almost black.

Variation of gray

Dulux Valentine You can also create a shades of gray from a dark gray to an almost white gray. The atmosphere is then soft and refreshing especially if you combine it with green.

White and some gray details

Tollens Finally, if your interior is white, know that you can give it a fresher touch only by painting your woodwork in a light gray or in a more intense color than that of your walls.