Very trendy clocks

Very trendy clocks

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The time has come for a state-of-the-art clock! Increasingly decorative, these accessories blow a wind of fantasy in the decor. The following five examples will prove it to you! Demonstration.

4 clocks to tell the time

Fly ### Who says better than a single clock to tell the time? This is the collection of 4 inseparable clocks! On each of them, only one number is displayed on the dial: a 3, a 6, a 9 and a 12 in the respective order. So we hang them in a circle to mimic the clockwise direction for a resolutely playful look.

Color rays

Habitat ### Here is a clock that does not go unnoticed. Like a sun, it radiates colors, figuratively as well as literally! Indeed, 12 rays of different sizes and different shades surround its tiny dial. Difficult to resist its color block look!

The 12 numbers of the clock fly away on the wall

Paragraph ### Rid of its dial, the clock is easily drawn thanks to its two giant hands. But if we go without numbers to read the time, however, they wander on the wall as if they had been blown by the wind. From 1 to 12, they form an elegant wall ripple which gradually approaches the clock. Halfway between originality and fantasy, we love this artistic and quirky staging.

The clock becomes a coat rack

Diamantini & Domeniconi ### The clock doesn't just tell us the time! Here, it has a coat hook to transform into a wall coat rack, and even multiplies into 5 to accentuate its unusual appearance. It is therefore a composition of colored clocks aligned in rows that energize the walls. One thing is certain: this entry is like no other!