A fun snack for children

A fun snack for children

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Whether for a birthday or any other occasion, children love to receive their friends around a good snack that will have to be carefully organized. Fun cakes, practical and decorative dishes and a colorful atmosphere: these are the ingredients for an almost perfect snack.

A nice presentation to taste it

Ludivic Di Orio ### On the table, opt for a beautiful presentation of cookies and other cakes! Play on the height using cake servers that multiply the levels and arrange the pyramid-style snack.

A gourmet table to taste it

Geneviève Lethu ### To indulge the appetite of toddlers, we put on a gourmet table as much by the pastries to taste as the decoration of the table. Choose plates that display nuns, macaroons and other delicacies. Multiply the colorful cakes and prefer gourmet colors for accessories like placemats and table candles.

Cakes with original shapes

Scrapcooking ### To make the snack very fun, bet on molds that will make your cakes spectacular. Head to the Scrapcooking brand which offers a multitude of funny molds to create a train-shaped cake for example.

The heroes on their plates

Guy Degrenne ### And so that the little ones can enjoy sitting at the table to taste it, we put on dishes that use heroes from their favorite cartoons and books. Here Little brown bear invites himself to the table for a very tasty snack.