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Central island: the storage spaces are exposed

Central island: the storage spaces are exposed

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In the family of kitchen islands, let's take a close look at those with an integrated storage space. Better still: those whose tidy objects do everything to attract attention by exposing themselves proudly in the open… Because we whisper that the latest trend in terms of islets, themselves at the "center" of attention , is entirely based on this new wave of "look at me"!

Work accessories

Ikea The strong point of this central island? Its two rows of four drawers, super practical to maximize storage below. But not only. By removing the door from one of them, we deliberately emphasized its internal color (yellow) and the work accessories (pens, sheets, etc.) being organized there. A chic and punchy way to take over from the kitchen to the dining room and allow children to draw and do their homework while the adults cook!

A library of books

Ikéa This is an island that does not go unnoticed! Juggling between the function of sink, electric hob and XXL library, it amazes us from the first glance. A nifty (and unusual) way to energize the central space of the kitchen, even going so far as to imply an enlargement of the island via shelves positioned at its two sides…

Daily dishes

Ixina Giving infinite value to the most classic cups, bowls and plates they are, it's easy with a central island. On the only open shelves available to him, daily dishes are immediately unique, and at the same time rise in our esteem.


Ixina To highlight its pretty glassware, nothing like a central island since in the "center" of attention! One condition: that it has shelves (if possible bright to double the effect) where to display the fine selection.

A sculptural trinket

Aviva Sandwiched between two drawers of the central island: an open-air shelf on which a collector's item is displayed. His presence has only one goal: to stand out!


Ikea On its right side, this central island has listed, in small piles, its best cookbooks. The intention ? Have them on hand as soon as the chef needs them and arouse the curiosity of the guests ...

Child games

Darty The diversity of ages that populate the kitchen, this island has made its particularity. Here, rather than being carefully hidden, the games of toddlers do their trick to prove to us how much this room has kept its child's soul…

Pretty dishes

Habitat It is the phantom central island! Blanc de blanc in a white kitchen, he gives full design responsibility to the accessories that fill him; namely, our coolest dishes, row by box.

Travel books

Ikéa After cookery books and books of all kinds, it's travel books' turn to immerse yourself under the central island. To accommodate them without going unnoticed, we removed two of its drawers. And to accommodate our relaxation breaks in search of escape, we positioned them on the living room side.