The scales are part of the decorative trend

The scales are part of the decorative trend

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Beyond a simple accessory allowing us to reach the height of a room, the ladders become real allies of interior decoration. The 5 models that follow, all signed by different brands are proof! Presentation.

Bamboo towel ladder

AM.PM ### On the side of AM.PM, we fall for this bamboo towel rack elegantly dressed in black. In the bathroom or in the bedroom, it allows you to hang linen and accessories with style and originality.

A so design scale

Serendipity ### Serendipity offers a fascinating creation to say the least. This ladder made with 2 sheets of steel welded together and inflated by forced air looks like a 3D object. Very aesthetic scale! Available in black or white, it has something to appeal to design lovers…

A colorful ladder-shaped shelf

Fly ### For those looking to inject a touch of originality and subtlety into their interior, the Fly Cross shelf in black, white, green, orange and red should appeal to you! In the living room or in the bedroom, there are books, trinkets and other decorative accessories, from the largest to the smallest from the bottom up!

A chromed metal ladder

Maisons du Monde ### Leaning against a wall, the chromed metal ladder of Maisons du Monde brings character to the decor. Serving as an extraordinary coat rack, you can easily hang a hat, bag, jacket.


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