When the conservation of products in the kitchen becomes decorative

When the conservation of products in the kitchen becomes decorative

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Tea bags, pasta, rice, sugar, cookies, spices or coffee: get out of the cupboards, enter the decor! Thanks to beautiful boxes, glass jars or beautifully staged bottles, keeping kitchen products has never been so decorative! Small overview.

Spicy flasks

Ikéa ### Arranged in a collection of glass bottles aligned along the wall, the spices offer the kitchen a beautiful gradation of colors. Beautiful and subtle.

Metal boxes

Ikea ### We never tire of it. The metal boxes decorated with pretty patterns continue to invest in our kitchens, hiding small cookies, cakes or tea bags which are wisely waiting for tea time! There is a retro look in the decor…

Slate labels

Asa ### Nothing like a series of boxes with a slate label to find your way in the kitchen. We write what is in the boxes: "flour", "sugar", "coffee" ... And we erase everything as we want to write another word!


Asa ### Porcelain boxes displaying the image of the contents - rice, pasta, chilli, sugar, fleur de sel -, and light wooden lids… or how to store kitchen products under the sign of design.