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The 12 kitchens at low prices from Brico Dépôt

The 12 kitchens at low prices from Brico Dépôt

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Brico Dépôt, the brand specializing in DIY at low prices, is well known by experienced and already experienced DIY enthusiasts. If its reputation is no longer to be made for raw materials, the public may expect less from finished furniture such as the kitchen. Yet its collection with its 12 models proves that we can offer current and cool products at very affordable prices.

Mezzo kitchen

Brico Dépôt A brilliant white which allows you to give yourself a little whimsy on the walls. Favorite for the stainless steel splashback with mirror reflection. ** € 499 depending on standard layout **

Lena kitchen

Brico Dépôt This kitchen encourages calm and contemplation. We play both the tradition card with the doors and modernity with the handles. ** € 469 depending on standard layout **

Eden kitchen

Brico Dépôt Back to basics with this imitation oak kitchen that keeps a fresh spirit thanks to its white worktop. ** € 415 depending on standard layout **

Crystal Kitchen

Brico Dépôt A real contemporary spirit for this anthracite gray kitchen. It works very well with stainless steel and black appliances. ** € 479 depending on standard layout **

City Kitchen

Brico Dépôt As its name suggests, this cuisine is of urban inspiration. We like the high transparent furniture which brings a little lightness. ** € 360 depending on standard layout **

Stella kitchen

Brico Dépôt A very modern kitchen thanks to its mat finish. We like the idea of ​​black and white paintings to decorate. ** 350 € depending on standard layout **

Mila kitchen

Brico Dépôt This kitchen warms the heart with its solid oak façades. The tiled splashback brings a contemporary note. ** € 560 depending on standard layout **

Luna kitchen

Brico Dépôt This kitchen is refreshing thanks to its bright white. We appreciate the brightness that makes you want to stay for hours in this room. ** € 360 depending on standard layout **

Jazzy Kitchen

Brico Dépôt An air of swing echoes in this room. The good vibrations of this brilliant gray make us immediately adopt this kitchen. ** € 499 depending on standard layout **

Dune Kitchen

Brico Dépôt This kitchen is ideal for all lovers of the taupe color. We like the orange touches that punctuate the whole. ** € 360 depending on standard layout **

Cozy kitchen

Brico Dépôt Here we find the chic spirit of the English countryside. We like the offbeat but discreet side of the XXL alarm clock which indicates that you should not always trust appearances. ** € 419 depending on standard layout **