Habitat's new spring / summer 2011 collection

Habitat's new spring / summer 2011 collection

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Habitat's new spring / summer 2011 collection makes it a point of honor to remind us of what summer holidays are like with colors, conviviality and relaxation! Here is a selection to bring out your winter decor…

It's flower season

Habitat ### Because in the spring, we want to flower the whole house, Habitat offers vases that will highlight the most beautiful plants. These ceramic vases have an astonishing granular appearance which makes these objects real sculptures.

A fruity summer

Habitat ### Spring and summer are also the seasons par excellence for consuming sunny fruits! And if the fruits were also installed in the decoration? With this lemon-shaped carafe, we find a very modern interpretation of the charm of slip. Summer promises to be vitamin-rich!

Family house spirit

Habitat ### Holidays are often an opportunity to meet in the family home full of memories. The decor is then traditional enough for each generation to find its way there: cake server, glass jars, etc.

Picnic atmosphere

Habitat ### For chic picnics, the pretty Englishwoman Ella Doran has imagined a very * tea time * collection inspired by her collection of small family plates. Result: a collection full of finesse that we adopt for lunches with friends and Sunday brunches.