Sweet brunette in the nursery

Sweet brunette in the nursery

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The desires of returning to the sources seep into the bedroom of the little ones. By appropriating the brown palette of autumn, their cozy nest gains in softness and intimacy, everything they need! Look at 5 atmospheres sublimated by the color of chestnuts and chestnuts.

A bark brown cradle

Serendipity ### Here is an evolutive cradle nicely open on the side which turns into a bed for up to 6 years old. We choose it for its singularity but also for its bark color halfway between wood brown and khaki green which is perfect for the bedroom of a little boy. With a textile animal head hanging on the wall, a pretty birdhouse, a few paintings and a sheepskin rug, you can effectively emphasize the restful atmosphere of the place.

Glossy brown and cherry pink

Vertbaudet ### Neither too girly nor too dark, the room for small shrimps is bundled up in a haven of tenderness. The magic recipe for this decor? The two-tone brown and light pink bias. These shades coexist harmoniously to breathe into the room, the delicate and protective character so much sought after for babies.

Chocolate ambiance

Laurette ### A beautiful harmony of chocolate tones has taken hold in the bedroom of the newborns, displaying a discreet, soft and restful character. Precisely, inspired by the Alsatian cart, the cradle takes on the appearance of a caravan so that baby's nights travel to the land of dreams!

The floor is dressed in a pretty brown color

Paragraph ### Nice example of a ground marmot brown color that plants a soothing decor in baby's room. Here, we do not forbid contrasts, on the contrary! The white furniture, the lilac color of the bed linen, and the sky blue wall panel bring together, freshness and cheerfulness. This is the secret to a well-balanced decor…


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