Back-to-school it-color: rust red

Back-to-school it-color: rust red

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Red has stirred the decor for years. It is today around the red tinged with rust to set the decor on fire. Furniture, armchairs, light fixtures, table and bed linen start to rust. An immediate good-looking effect that will delight the vintage style.

A rusty chair!

Maisons du Monde This white country-style kitchen takes up the challenge of color with just a touch of red in the seats. The highlight of this decor, the red rust of the chairs.

Rust red is enhanced with patterns

AM PM This rust-colored accent chair comes alive on contact with this vintage-style owl cushion.

Rust red lights up

AM PM Inspired by the 1950s with its integrated tablet, this floor lamp is adorned with rust red to combine with style with the cognac leather sofa.

And the room gets started too

AM PM Bed linen also sees life rust. With its white piping finish, it adorns the bedroom with elegance and refined softness.

A beautiful combination: rust red and curry yellow

AM PM The designer furniture borrowed from the fifties and its rust lacquer finish go perfectly with the curry yellow. A duo to take back home!

And if you adopt a real rust wall

Maisons du Monde Recreate the rust effect with effect paints to create a very fashionable industrial spirit in your interior. A "factory" bias right through to the end!

Wake up your meals with rust red

Maisons du Monde After the bed linen, it is the turn of the table linen to turn to rust red. Intense and invigorating, it wakes up your meals.

It must rust!

Maisons du Monde If you are afraid of getting tired of this color, adopt it with furniture on casters to make it appear or disappear and so that it does not impose itself.

Rust red, a ray of sunshine in a gray kitchen

Maisons du Monde The country-style kitchen, predominantly in gray and wood, awakens on contact with the rust orange industrial stool. An association that mixes styles and colors for a winning result!