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Comfort invites itself in the garden

Comfort invites itself in the garden

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The exterior has often been associated with the uncomfortable. We all remember old metal chairs, wobbly table in the ground, inappropriate heat ... But those days are over! Today we can dream of the same standing inside and outside. We take the opportunity to have fun with hyper comfort outdoor furniture.


Hesperide To rest by the pool or on the terrace in style, we invest in this hanging chair. Between weightlessness and idleness, you will enjoy the summer in peace.

Like at the beach

Ikea To really feel on vacation, you don't hesitate to take the deckchairs off the beaten track. Usually set up at the beach or at the pool, you can bring the sun loungers into your garden for maximum comfort.

Outdoor sofa

Ikéa Some sofas look so comfortable that you would like to spend the day there. This is the case with this one, which is designed for the outdoors, and in which one would see yourself taking a nap in the sun.

Revisited armchair

Ikéa With its retro air, it reminds us of good memories in the countryside. But today it is more comfortable thanks to its small cushion behind the back and an integrated footrest.

Complete relaxation

Maison du monde If like in the photo you are in the middle of a photo safari, you have the right to relax in a hammock. If however, you are not in the middle of the savannah but simply in your garden, you are just as entitled to it!

With family

Maison du monde The garden, the summer and the meal are there. Almost everything is there to reunite the whole family. But where to receive them? Outside, you can enjoy a complete garden furniture, with sofa, armchairs and coffee table without sacrificing its comfort.

Giant beanbag

Maison du monde Almost all the major brands offer this kind of pouffes and armchairs lined with 100% polystyrene beads. You can imagine throwing yourself in for maximum comfort outside.

As in an egg

Maison du monde This egg-shaped armchair calls for relaxation. The canvas sun visor folds down for eye comfort and the cushions are multiplied for back comfort. Successful nap for sure!


Maison du monde These hanging armchairs will revive the little ones who will transform them into a swing. But once the adventurers are out of your sight, the armchairs are yours, to laze by floating above the ground.