A green wall ... outside

A green wall ... outside

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Enhance the garden style on a balcony or terrace, or even increase the plant effect in a real garden, it's easy by adopting the "plant wall" trend! Since the arrival of spring, it has indeed moved abroad for our greatest happiness ... Look at the many possibilities to consider.

Table style

Leroy Merlin Our favorite tip in terms of a green wall is it: a large frame in which we cross a graphic trellis. Because by growing climbing plants, the result is worthy of a natural work of art.

In tanks

Castorama What if we nested our green plantations in wall boxes? A chic and simple way to sow the "green wall" style in no time.

On a trellis

Leroy Merlin Another possibility to improvise a green wall on your terrace? Position large trellises behind large flower boxes. The climbing plants that have been sown there will eventually cover the trellis over its entire height! It's chic and easy to make.

On straps

Bacsac Thanks to the magic "Bacsac" and its hanging fabric pots, green plants naturally gain the verticality of exterior facades. The idea: multiply the models to obtain maximum vegetalizing effect!

In pots

AM.PM On the exterior facade has been fixed a support for pots and planters to be generously garnished! The idea: choose plants with large foliage to hide support and pots, and thus split the plant effect ...

On the railing

Castorama To protect yourself from prying eyes, this high-pitched terrace runs along its railing, climbing plants. Vegetable (and intimate) effect guaranteed!

On a trellis

And one more trellis to erect a plant wall! The only difference this time: the hanging pots replaced the climbing plants for a hyper graphic rendering to vary and present according to your desires.

On a support

Castorama A vertical support in the form of an outdoor screen, which both delimits the space of the terrace and creates the "plant wall" look, we are for! On its bars, we hang planters of all kinds, and voila!

For false

Castorama This plant wall / partition plays with the trompe-l'oeil. Grass-like material effect (actually synthetic), it makes a highly vegetal style climb up the terrace. The good point is that it involves no maintenance.


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