The blinds create the atmosphere in any room!

The blinds create the atmosphere in any room!

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In the house, blinds are real alternatives to curtains. Thanks to their style and color, they undeniably create the decor in all the rooms they dress. Discover 5 inspirations to integrate the blinds into your home.

Blinds to bring in the color

Saint Maclou ### If you want to enhance your windows, you can choose blinds that have character! Then opt for color like very pop green and instead bet on monumental blinds.

Blinds to dim the light

Saint Maclou ### If your priority is to let in light without being dazzled, bet on fabric blinds. To bring a decorative effect, you can choose a color strip within a white blind.

Patterns to dress the windows

Saint Maclou ### With roller blinds, you will be able to integrate patterns on your windows. You can then choose any fabric that will go well with your sofa or your linens.

Japanese blinds

Saint Maclou ### Finally for very original blinds, you can also opt for Japanese models which are nothing other than movable panels as found in traditional Japanese houses.