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Relaxing in the garden

Relaxing in the garden

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Working in the garden is good, resting there is better! Nothing like lounging on a comfortable deckchair watching the clouds pass, to make the most of the summer heat. There are many colorful pieces of furniture and accessories available that will bring the decorative touch to your outdoor space, and allow you to read, dream or take a nap in peace!

The art of being Zen in the garden

Dille et Kamille Relaxing, which in Italian means "sweet idleness" has become in recent years a real way of life that helps us to fight against daily stress. It takes on its full meaning in the summer in the garden, where you can lie in peace in the shade of the trees. Hammocks, cushions, sunbathing… the choice of resting accessories is vast!

Life in the air with hanging tents

Cacoon The attraction for tents and huts grows every year a little more: these small rest areas sheltered from the wind and insects take us back to childhood! Favorite for the hanging tent which isolates from the outside environment while offering a window on nature and a very comfortable bed!

Comfortable armchairs for retro rest

Alinéa Family-friendly atmosphere with these retro-style lounge chairs, which take us straight to the Atlantic coast! Have fun creating a regressive decor style by adding pennants, light garlands and "bayadère" cushions to go on vacation for a sunny afternoon.

Vitamin cushions: relaxation guaranteed!

Jardin d'Ulysse For a rest under the sign of color and greed, we multiply the vitamin cushions on the garden deck chair or the outdoor bench. Choose them preferably in an outdoor fabric resistant to UV rays and humidity so that they keep all the brightness of their colors.

Set sail!

Paragraph The awning successfully replaces the awning or parasol. Very design and practical, it has the advantage of clinging to the surrounding trees or of planting itself on the ground: you can therefore laze without being attacked by the sun's rays!


AM.PM Inseparable from a gentle nap outside, the deckchair has changed a lot in recent years. From the traditional model to the most avant-garde, it is now available in innovative and weather-resistant materials.

Vitamin service

Fermob A cool break with this pop serving table that invites you to indulge in aperitif time! Very practical, it provides glasses and drinks to quench your thirst without getting up.

A friendly bench

Fermob Abandoned for a while in favor of chairs and sunbathing, the bench is making a comeback in our gardens and revisits the retro style with gusto. Prefer metal to wood, which is more fragile outdoors and less resistant to humidity. Remember to sand and repaint it every 3 years or so, and put it under cover during the winter season!

An XXL parasol

AM.PM It's no longer a secret, lounging in the sun is not recommended for healthy skin. The excuse is perfect for equipping yourself with an XXL and design parasol, which is accessorized with pretty contemporary chairs.


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