Decorative photos: decoration ideas in cream taupe tones

Decorative photos: decoration ideas in cream taupe tones

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At the initiative of Mickaël and Jonathan Benzazon, ** BAINS & DÉCO ** presents their new showroom boutique - a unique place, dedicated to the art of bathing. 500m2 spread over 3 floors, ** BATHS & DECOR ** presents a wide range of major brands, specializing in the world of bathing 'amazing collections, unexpected for some, allowing everyone to create their own universe. An innovative concept which also results in the daily and integrated presence of an architect and a mosaic artist, thus meeting the precise expectations of each project. Bains & Déco showroom shop 100 avenue Ledru Rollin 75011 Paris T. 01 55 28 60 20

A stone's throw from the Champs Elysées, the recently opened Beauchamps hotel is a luxury hotel with a personal tone. The decoration combines different styles in a contemporary unifying tone. The hotel stages with a certain eclecticism, a place that could be the home of a collector. Beauchamps Hotel 24 rue de Ponthieu '75008 Paris


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