Cornices, moldings and rosettes to adopt in decoration

Cornices, moldings and rosettes to adopt in decoration

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If you are not lucky enough to own an apartment or an old house, you can still offer yourself ornaments that will give a certain cachet to your interior. Indeed, the cornices, moldings and rosettes can easily be added either through staff decorations, polystyrene ornaments or even trompe l'oeil decorations. Discover the possibilities in pictures.

A stylized cornice in the corners

Maisons du monde To highlight your room, you can for example opt for cornices whose angles present very worked moldings in order to offer your room a chic and elegant setting.

A ledge above the openings

Maisons du monde To enhance your openings, cornices are also installed above doors and windows so as to dramatize them and make them a decorative asset.

A false ledge

La Redoute To create a surprise in your interior, be aware that some brands offer diverted moldings such as this elegant cornice which acts as a shelf for a chic and practical style.

Moldings and contemporary style

Fly Note that the ceiling moldings and cornices also agree with a contemporary style like here, where we do not hesitate to offer them a trendy color and integrate them into a bold decoration.

Wall moldings

From the end of the world To dress your walls in a classic style, moldings are your allies. They then form rectangles which structure each wall space into different parts in order to differentiate the height and the underbody.

False moldings

The Collection Installing staff or polystyrene moldings will require some minor work. Also, you can opt for wallpaper trompe l'oeil panels that will be installed in the blink of an eye

Fake relief moldings

Elitis And if you want a trompe l'oeil that still offers you a relief on the wall, know that there are also very innovative textile panels that have moldings in relief for a stunning effect.

A ceiling rose

Dulux Valentine To complete the decor, we can install a rosette, that is to say a circular molding on the ceiling, which will not fail to highlight a period chandelier or simply to dress the center of the ceiling.

Rosettes on the wall

Maisons du monde And even if it is not their traditional vocation, note that you can also install rosettes on the walls to create an original and refined decor. It's up to you to see if you will paint them in the same color as the wall or in brighter colors!