A table decoration, a color

A table decoration, a color

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It is not for nothing that we talk about tableware! Indeed, the training requires both creativity and a certain know-how to make a table that will surely please your guests. And for a table decoration that is easy to implement, you can use a color as a starting point. Demonstration in 10 examples.

Black as a guest star

Ikea To change classic decorations that display white as the basic color, do not hesitate to break the codes and treat yourself to touches of black. Bet for example on a graphic duo which will combine white tablecloth and black tableware for a chic and modern.

Blue everyday

Ikea For everyday meals that don't lack style, you can dare an original color on the table. Here, it is a deep blue tableware which gives all its style to the table decoration.

Green per key

Ikea To awaken a white table decoration with classic accents, you can introduce a touch of green which will give a vegetal side to the table. Bet for example on colored towels.

Natural green

SIA And if you want to go further with green, then offer yourself a natural decoration with plates that take on a plant look, colored glasses and table linen with plant motifs.

Romantic rose

Ikea For a romantic touch on the table, pink will be your favorite color. We then use it on the tablecloth and decorate everything with delicately flowery dishes.

The table sees red

Alinéa Fancy a table decoration that does not lack pepper? Make way for red in total look! From tableware to accessories, including table linen: everything is not lacking in dynamism.

The yellow version of the sun

Guy Degrenne And for a sunny table, we prefer yellow. For even more sun, we put on a Provencal version with yellow dishes that are adorned with olive branches. At the table, it looks like the south…

Gold for a chic decor

LSA International Do you want your table to reflect the party atmosphere of dinner? We then put on a few touches of gold that will sparkle the table. Then play on the color only with the glasses.

Merry purple

Villeroy and Boch Conversely, for everyday life, prefer a simple color that you will apply only by touches with a few accessories. On this table, it is purple that distills its cheerful atmosphere.