The living room you need to watch TV!

The living room you need to watch TV!

Television has taken up a considerable place in our homes. It is often around the latter that the show is organized, and that everyone settles in to watch a good film. To help you set up your TV corner, here are 5 lounges for watching TV.

A TV corner to relax

Ikea ### If television rhymes with relaxation, then forget the traditional sofa to offer you a chaise longue that you will place in front of the television. This way you can watch your movies in the lying position. In the other direction, the chaise longue will also serve as a sofa when you receive.

A defined lounge

Ikea ### So that the TV room is a kind of cocoon where it is good to settle, it is important to delimit the living room space from the rest of the room if it is open to the house. For this, opt for a corner sofa and choose a carpet that visually delimits the space.

A television integrated into the furniture

Ikea ### To make the television blend in with your decor, don't hesitate to integrate it into your furniture. You will find, for example, wall cabinets that have space to install the television. The screen thus finds its place in a very practical way.

TV in a studio

Ikea ### If you own a studio, you can also create a TV corner if you are a little resourceful. To avoid cluttering the space, put on a small screen that you will hang using a wall mount. Thus the screen can be oriented depending on whether your studio is in living room mode or in bedroom mode.