Pretty birdhouses to decorate the children's room

Pretty birdhouses to decorate the children's room

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In the season when the birds desert the country and take flight south, the children are delighted to watch over their little nest box ... or almost. Indeed, birdhouses have recently entered the house in delicate and poetic looks. Suffice to say that this decorative trend has everything to gently sublimate the bedroom of little nature lovers! Here are selected models on the job that compete in creativity and leave us dreaming…

My shelf is a birdhouse

Serendipity ### The eternal bedside table bows out before this playful shelf in the shape of a small wooden hut. Not only does it accommodate an alarm clock, a trinket or a book, but in addition, it boldly emphasizes the soft and natural mood of the room and even acts as a bookmark thanks to its pointed roof on which the children will place their book wide open before falling asleep ...

A collection of fabric birdhouses

Serendipity ### The accumulation and multiplicity of decorative accessories allow you to create unique decors, the proof in pictures! Upholstered in birdhouses meticulously crafted with linen or cotton fabrics, liberty style or with old patterns, the wall takes on a magical appearance. Something to enchant the children's room…

Optical illusion effect

Vertbaudet ### Is this pink birdhouse a sticker or is it in 3D? Good question ! By placing a very small birdhouse on an adhesive tree branch, we produce an animation on the wall, we create the surprise! Long live the trompe-l'oeil effects!

Felt creations

Serendipity ### The nest boxes evoke the song of sparrows, the felt brings softness. By combining the two, we could only create irresistibly poetic and warm accessories! This is the case of these mini cabins beautifully suspended above the bed.