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Hemp, straw and wool from size allies to effectively insulate the house

Hemp, straw and wool from size allies to effectively insulate the house

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Straw, virgin wool and hemp are good natural insulators that are attracting more and more manufacturers looking for environmental well-being and sustainability. Find below several possible uses that have proven themselves and that could convince you to permanently forget about concrete!

Straw interior partition

La Maison en Paille, Champmillon Rest assured, unlike the three little pigs, your house is not likely to fly away at the first gust of wind! On the contrary, this material of choice for residential construction is both durable and insulating.

Hemp bricks for a recording studio!

Hestia Isolation For efficient sound insulation, hemp blocks or bricks blatantly absorb sound vibrations. Then, for a smooth appearance, cover with plaster or lime.

A straw house for rent

Maison de paille- Oise Tourisme If you are still convincing, we advise you to try this small construction made of straw walls for a 100% natural habitat. Both decorative and ecological, it can be rented for holidays or weekends. But beware, try it and approve it! Site: The Green Chair

All parts of houses are made of straw

Straw house - Oise Tourisme Excellent thermal insulator for living rooms but also for water, the straw must still be protected by a coating inside and outside the house. Then, as in a traditional house, it's up to you to decorate!

Insulation of walls with straw

La Maison en Paille, Champaillon, When building your house, why not think of straw bales for its insulation. Natural, durable, it is particularly used in Brittany, there are several types of finishes to completely cover the straw.

The exterior facade of the house is made of straw bales

La Maison en Paille, Champaillon, Straw was proposed as a reconstruction material after the war, to be replaced by concrete. It was not until the 1980s that she returned to the front of the stage.

A virgin wool yurt

Natural materials This yurt is insulated with felt wool sheep and reinforced fiber to increase the resistance. This low density insulation presents no health risk and provides a healthy atmosphere inside the home. However, it is essential to protect from the weather with a waterproof canvas.