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Discover our selection of terrarium

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Fancy a little greenery in your sweet home when autumn arrives? We have what you need ! And to change simple potted plants, why not a terrarium? Far from the obsolete image that we could have, the terrarium is back in force and is original decoration, with regressive plastic figurines or simple composition of pretty plants. We share with you some ideas for staging…

Personalized decoration

Truffaut Terrariums can reflect your personality. In the long line of DIY activities, the terrarium is a promising new trend. Choose the materials, plants, decorative elements and above all the shape of the terrarium!

Vegetable ball

Truffaut Here is a magnificent vegetable ball to buy or make yourself. In water rooms, terrariums are particularly popular decorative elements, but you can also highlight them in your living rooms.

Terrarium on the wall

Rowen and Wren Dressing your walls with small terrariums is now possible! Opt for fixing containers and choose the contents according to your desires! On the other hand, avoid hanging your small animals, it would be a shame that they fall…

Terrarium and tableware

Rowen and Wren Between a terrarium and tableware, there is only one step! And yes, small decorative terrariums find their place on the table, they are even very appreciated during exotic meals.

Lush vegetation

Exo Terra The terrarium can house all kinds of plants. They are especially particularly adapted to the plants of the most remote regions. It's up to you to maintain them so that your interior travels.


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