Wood effect tiles: they exist!

Wood effect tiles: they exist!

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Did you know that tiles are now able to imitate wood? Thus, you benefit from the practicality of tiling while enjoying the warm spirit of wood. And as much to say that the effect is striking! To discover in pictures.

Tiles for a wood effect on the walls

Saint Maclou ### If you want wood in the bathroom but your room is too humid, you can opt for wood effect tiles that you will put on the wall to create a frieze. Dark wood is then ideal with white tiles.

Tiles to imitate contemporary parquet

Saint Maclou ### Tiling can also imitate very contemporary parquet planks. Here the tiles have a light shade that will adapt to any interior. Note that this imitation of tiles also goes very well with black tiles in XXL tiles.

Tiles that imitate light wood

Leroy Merlin ### To bring warmth to a room, you can opt for tiling that imitates light, fairly textured wood. The floor will then adapt very well to contemporary decoration in natural tones.

Tiles that mimic designer parquet

Monsieur Bricolage ### For a design spirit, we put on a tiling that uses narrow blades in very dark tones. With refined furniture and bright colors, the faux parquet will not fail to stand out, for an assertive style.