Decorations while music

Decorations while music

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Maestro music! Let us frame our 33 towers as if they were works of art, hang a series of scores on the walls and voluntarily display our musical instruments in the decor. We want the decor to vibrate to the rhythm of our favorite melodies and hits; we want her, like us, to have a musical ear…

Yellowed music scores for a retro look

Ikéa ### Musicians at heart, why not expose your old scores in height to create a wall decoration that looks like you 100%? A quirky and unexpected choice that leaves you dreaming…

Violins wisely fixed to the wall

Ikéa ### The diversion of objects takes hold of musical instruments! Fixed to the wall, three violins wisely aligned orchestrate an original and poetic wall decoration…

The 33 loose towers on the wall

Paragraph ### You no longer listen to your old LPs? Do not throw them away, use them instead to create a trendy and original wall scene. Suspended in bulk on the bay window, they ideally energize the space.

The vinyl collection in the living room

Ikéa ### Passionate about music as it was heard in the 70s between vinyls and record players, install your equipment and your collections in the living room to create a retro-style musical corner. Because it's better when our passions make the decor!