Visit of the Majolan Park

Visit of the Majolan Park

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Built from the ground up on swamps in 1870, the Majolan Park was shaped at the cost of prodigious works that lasted more than 10 years. The lake was dug by hand, the river - the Jalle, a tributary of the Garonne - diverted from its bed, the caves built in lime, the ruins and the bridges fabricated from scratch. After a major rehabilitation campaign, the park reopened in 2008, but the original works still prove the engineering performance of the time. The result: an entirely artificial natural park, a challenge! When you take its shaded paths, pay attention to details. Each corner conceals a treasure of ingenuity and creativity. Immediate boarding for a romantic walk.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé A little further on, the large arms of an immense horse chestnut tree cross the river. The park is home to many species of trees, and the foliage of the largest, sometimes hundred years old, gives a soft feeling of freshness in the summer months.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé The ruins of the park blend perfectly with the local flora. The discovery of these vestiges that one might believe very old touches the walker who imagines himself in front of fabulous discoveries.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé On the right, the giant sequoia, in the center the caves and on the left the "faux bois" bridge. The proximity of the water - which alone represents ¼ of the total surface of the 20 hectare park - gives the place a charming softness.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé The famous caves, made mainly with lime, contain hidden treasures. But beware, not all of them are revealed to visitors. Certain parts of the caves are only accessible during occasional events, so be careful!

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé The "faux bois" bridge is one of the many bridges in the park (canyon bridge, Gothic bridge, log bridge, portrait bridge, lianas bridge, etc.). The railings of this one are the work of a regional artist (Aquitaine), and artfully combine iron, bronze, stainless steel and composite cement in a creation to say the least surprising.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé A swan, a goose ...? No, this flying bird is none other than a peacock! Several of them stay at the park. The spectacle of their flight from the top of the caves to land on the banks of the lake in search of food will not leave you indifferent. And as long as you like them, you may be entitled to a majestic wheel.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé Here is one of the original tricks of this park. The root system of a tree serves as a staircase to descend near the water. You had to dare!

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé Children are not forgotten, far from it. Attractions are placed at various locations (there is even a zip line). But rest assured, the park itself is attractive enough not to have to part with it during the walk.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé Wide groomed walks also make it a park accessible to the disabled and the elderly.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé The surroundings of the Lake invite to a romantic picnic or with the family. It will be necessary to keep some foodstuffs, because it is very possible that you are the attention of some greedy birds, or even of other inopportune, but harmless species, under the wide eyes of the children.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Isolated and always well placed, inventive benches allow you to surrender to daydreaming, or to share, as a couple, some moments of romantic intimacy.

Majolan Park - Blanquefort

J-F. Mahé End of this too short visit to the landing stage, as it should have been at the end of the 19th century after its construction.


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