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10 new bathrooms to prepare for the start of the new school year

10 new bathrooms to prepare for the start of the new school year

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To start back to school on the right foot, going through the bathroom is mandatory! And to be beautiful or beautiful, the decor of the bathroom must be at the top. Yours needs a facelift? Here are 10 new back-to-school novelties that are sure to inspire you.

A chic and optimized bathroom

Ikea Even in small spaces, the bathroom plays the decor card for your enjoyment. The furniture is then ingenious to optimize the space in all elegance and the bathroom accessories are transformed into decorative objects.

A family bathroom

Ikea Back to school sounds the return of the whole tribe to the bathroom in the early morning. We then opt for a bathroom suitable for everyone with several basins and even a sink for the little ones.

A bright bathroom

Jacob Delafon To make your bathroom pleasant, make way for lighting! In this bathroom, it is the soft light that makes all the difference to escape the stress of back to school. We use a backlight for the mirrors and beautiful suspensions for the atmosphere.

A changing bathroom

Jacob Delafon Tired of the supremacy of white in the bathroom? Take the opposite view by daring a black bathroom that will not fail to highlight furniture that you will keep white for the wink of an eye!

A wooden bathroom

Paragraph Why not integrate wood in your bathroom? For example, we put on this superb column-style piece of furniture that incorporates the sink, a mirror and some storage for a look that is both natural and design.

A charming bathroom

Alinéa For a charming bathroom, ideal for a family home, you can opt for this bathroom with patinated wooden furniture. The bathroom immediately takes on character.

An original bathroom

Castorama To put a little originality in the bathroom, the basins dare to have clean and very decorative sculptural forms that do not fail to give a lot of chic to the bathroom.

A precious bathroom

Castorama Fancy a chic and feminine bathroom? You can opt for this designer bathroom which does not lack femininity thanks to a mosaic tiling which offers some mirrored tiles.

A bathroom that gives pride of place to materials

Castorama Conversely, for a more masculine style, we will bet on a bathroom that gives pride of place to materials like here where the tiles imitate stone and the furniture plays the bi-material card by integrating wood.