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Hanging toilets for an original style

Hanging toilets for an original style

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Because the toilets are now a very decorative piece, we are looking for original solutions to create surprise in this intimate room. And to help you, why not opt ​​for a suspended toilet? Discover 5 models to install at home!

Hanging toilets for an exotic style

Espace Aubade ### To bring an exotic atmosphere, choose toilets that harmonize with materials such as stone and wood. You can select a white model with round lines that will enhance the raw appearance of the materials.

Hanging toilets for a graphic style

Espace Aubade ### If you like geometric lines, bet on toilets that break codes with very geometric lines. This bowl consists for example of several rectangles to obtain an original and very graphic style.

Hanging toilets for pop style

Espace Aubade ### For a pop style, we will choose toilets that have a nice roundness. You can then bet on a colored bowl or simply a white bowl which you will enhance with a very colorful wall.

Hanging toilets for design style

Espace Aubade ### Finally, for a very designer style, you can opt for very original toilets that combine a bowl with geometric lines and a hand basin in the backrest. The toilets then disappear into the structure to create a very designer piece of furniture.


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