New for children at Maisons du Monde for less than 50 euros

New for children at Maisons du Monde for less than 50 euros

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Your children will be happy! For its winter collection, Maisons du Monde has thought of them, but also of your wallets, by presenting a multitude of decorative objects for less than 50 euros. To help you see more clearly, we have selected our 10 favorites.

A giant domino game

Maisons du Monde What a good idea to bet on these giant dominoes in your children's bedroom decor. They are glued to the wall or used to create a headboard. Let your imagination run wild! 17.99 euros

A poetic shelf

Maisons du Monde To bring a touch of poetry to your daughter's room, adopt this pretty butterfly-shaped shelf without further delay. With its multiple lockers, it allows you to store everything that is lying around. We make way! 49.99 euros

A sky of stars

Maisons du Monde Give the decor a little sparkle with this light garland with glittery and golden stars. In the blink of an eye, it will create a magical and magical atmosphere in the bedroom of your little girls at the head of the bed, for example. 24.99 euros

A cushion for car fans

Maisons du Monde Your little one is a fan of the cartoon Cars or cars in general? You are bound to please him by offering him this cushion in the shape of a car and with a charming print. Playful ! 14.99 euros

A natural wall light

Maisons du Monde For a natural decoration in your children's room, choose this wall lamp in the shape of a birdhouse. With its white color and blond wood, it brings a soft Nordic atmosphere to the room. 34.99 euros

A girl's castle

Maisons du Monde Grant your little princess' wish by offering her this pretty pink tent in the shape of a castle! Sure it will become his favorite playground and his place of confidence with his friends. 29.99 euros

A Circus lamp

Maisons du Monde Favorite for the elephant who makes his number on this lamp ideal for children's rooms. All that's missing is a star track to give them the impression of evolving in the middle of a circus. 34.99 euros

For princess rooms

Maisons du Monde The princess bedroom trend has certainly not aged in recent years. To highlight the atmosphere, we dare on the wall a pastel pink "Princess" wall decor covered with rhinestones. A touch of fantasy so girly! 39.99 euros

A Knight's Rod

Maisons du Monde Always practical to check if your little blond heads have taken a few centimeters, the height chart is made decoration not to denote in the room. We particularly like this knight-shaped model that is fixed to the wall without risking the wrong note in a space reserved for boys. 49.99 euros