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10 grandiose atmospheres for the outdoors

10 grandiose atmospheres for the outdoors

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The decor sees big and turns the head in the garden. Specific furniture, shimmering colors, exceptional materials invade the outdoor spaces to give style and character to your decor. Here are 10 atmospheres to discover: get inspired!

A canopy bed feet in the water

Ego This canopy bed can be placed on dry land but also in a shallow pool. As if floating on the water, it is an invitation to relax!

A garden furniture for a luxury cabin

Dansk The Dansk brand furniture creates a resolutely design and natural style. A beautiful illustration with these garden furniture that bet on sober lines and natural colors that blend into nature.

A designer terrace with a view

Ego The sublime landscape can be discovered from the terrace, which bet on designer furniture with multiple functions signed Ego Paris.

The relaxed swimming pool

Ego Here is a piece of furniture that bends to all your desires. Basically this cube can be transformed into a side table, an armchair or a deckchair. Several functions as decorative as practical!

A hanging garden

Michel Gilbert- Roche Bobois Like a breath of fresh air, the terrace is covered with a transparent bubble arranged like a living room.

Inspiration from Africa

Michel Gilbert- Roche Bobois Nature invites itself onto the terrace without neglecting the concept of comfort. XXL sofas are chosen wide and deep: like a bed, they are suitable for rest and relaxation!

A bubble of bright colors

Michel Gilbert- Roche Bobois When the sun is running out, bet on color to brighten up your terrace. Fuchsia pink, frank red, turquoise blue coexist and energize a somewhat dull space.

Morocco invites itself on the terrace

Michel Gilbert- Roche Bobois Shimmering colors, woolen carpets, small lights here and there… the terrace takes on a Moroccan accent to make your decor travel.

Scandinavia in your garden

Dansk Do you want simplicity and style? We turn to a garden with a Scandinavian spirit. Simplicity in its purest form, marriage of white and blond wood for a very trendy space.


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