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Mélanie's 10 industrial inspirations

Mélanie's 10 industrial inspirations

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As you may have noticed, the industrial style has gained ground in terms of decoration in recent times. Raw wood, aged metal, factory or workshop furniture and accessories invite themselves into all rooms of the house in total look or in small touches. To adopt this style at home, I give you my good addresses and my favorites in 10 images

A place: The Comptoir Général A veritable little Parisian museum, the Comptoir Général is the stronghold of industrial decoration with its schoolboy chairs in metal wood, its old class pictures and its large metal suspensions. The most that makes me crack: the rough walls left in their juice. 80 quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

A destination: London

DR Bars, cafes, restaurants, in London, the industrial style has been widely democratized in all the cool little places. I recommend in particular two addresses located in the Soho district: Byron Burger and Fernandez & Wells with 100% industrial decor!

An object: a metal pendant light

La Redoute In my opinion, the first object to get to start your industrial style decor is a nice metal pendant light. Aged model found on a flea market or faithful reproduction of the factory suspensions, it's up to you!

An atmosphere: a workshop-style dining room

Maisons du Monde I am totally a fan of this dining room which looks like a small artist's studio with its chair-stools, its shelf on wheels and especially its huge glass roof! Metal, raw wood, sober colors and voila!

A piece of furniture: a wooden and metal coffee table

La Redoute To give a little industrial spirit to your living room without adopting the total look, I advise you to adopt a coffee table in wood and metal. It slips everywhere without false note!

A brand: Gross Domestic Product

Productinté To have the impression of looking for beautiful industrial furniture behind your screen, you have to go to the site. Trolleys with an aged appearance, worn suspensions and wooden and metal furniture are available at fairly reasonable prices.

One color: primary colors

Maisons du Monde The industrial style must appear very dull to the followers of color. Except, when we use chairs that play with the primary colors to awaken everything. Be careful though to choose metal models!

A must-have: a cinema bench

Maisons du Monde My little extra touch to perfect an industrial setting: an old cinema or theater bench. Mottled on a flea market or bought in a store, it will be the charming asset of the living room or even of the entrance.

An exterior: a space for meals

Maisons du Monde A large wooden table and bistro chairs: these are two essential ingredients for creating an industrial space for dining in the garden. I literally melt in front of this arrangement where authenticity reigns supreme.