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Nobodinoz: a nice brand for children

Nobodinoz: a nice brand for children

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Discovered at the Maison & Objet trade fair, the Nobodinoz brand won us over with its design objects for young children. One watchword for the Spanish brand: originality. And the bet is successful since there are objects that will give style to the children's room in the blink of an eye. A quick overview of the collection to inspire you!

Ultra decorative mattresses

Nobodinoz This is our favorite brand! To create a small corner of relaxation or a space of play on the ground, we fall for these small mattresses with ultra decorative patterns. We use one to install the little ones on the ground or several to create a bench ideal for snacks.

Funny cushions

Nobodinoz In the children's room, there is no question of opting for a serious decoration! We then adopt these funny cushions that take the head of an animal. The little extra? The cushions have ears!

A decorative and comfortable pouffe

Nobodinoz To install the children in the living room or in their bedroom, we offer them an ottoman just for them. Pear shaped and trendy patterns, it will delight the little ones and make the biggest jealous.

Decorative toys

Nobodinoz For girls who love jump ropes, the brand plays the retro card with wooden models that dress in delicious pastel colors to bring a little sweetness to the room.

Retro toys

Nobodinoz And for girls but also boys, Nobodinoz is betting on retro toys once again with this game of wooden skittles which is also adorned with pretty pastel colors right on trend.

A practical and decorative changing mat

Nobodinoz Nobodinoz has thought of mothers desperate for the look of changing mats and offers them a model with pretty patterns. It will also be very practical since it folds up to take everywhere!

Funny bibs

Nobodinoz Same for the bibs, the brand revisits them by offering them fun and trendy patterns that dress in beautiful colors. We almost bet that baby will be delighted to wear it!

A decorative canvas bag

Nobodinoz To go to the different activities of children, here is a practical and decorative fabric bag that your child will be happy to carry! We love the geometric patterns that give the bag a graphic look.

A bag for the bedroom too

Nobodinoz In the bedroom also we adopt the fabric bags. For storing toys or depositing dirty linen, the bag is practical while providing the decorative touch to the room.