My staircase in a tight space

My staircase in a tight space

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Small spaces have a very specific problem: You have to know how to use each square centimeter and choose a suitable layout and furniture. Stairs are often a source of lost space, but their configuration often allows them to be used for storage purposes, or even as an extra room! There are indeed many pre-formatted or made-to-measure closets and dressings that can be installed under the stairs. Without counting the spaces that you can arrange yourself: office, small kitchen, reading corner ... Finally the staircase itself is to be chosen with care so that it occupies a minimum of space in the place in which it is located. takes stock of all the parameters to be addressed before choosing or fitting out your staircase!

The decoration of the stairs

Tollens What if you structure your small space using the stairs? Here is the real good idea of ​​the year imagined by the brand Tollens: painter each riser with a different tone, using the Pantone range. A nice way to dress a living space with limited dimensions without weighing down the decor. Because small spaces are not only synonymous with saving space!

Japanese steps

Leroy Merlin Here is another model of staircase perfectly suited to small areas: the staircase called "Japanese steps". Without risers, it has an airy look that lightens the interior decor, unlike the more massive all-wood models. It represents a good compromise between the traditional staircase and the helical model without ramp, more difficult to borrow. Its wooden steps bring a warm side and remind the parquet of the main room!

The traditional staircase

Lapeyre This semicircular solid wood staircase has the advantage of not having a daylight between the steps: a system which makes it possible to create an additional space - sheltered from dust - under the wooden panel. Cupboard, dressing room, shelves, desk, reading corner ... there are many possibilities to make the most of the surface!

The retractable staircase

Leroy Merlin This retractable staircase model proposed by Leroy Merlin is commonly called "miller's ladder". It has the particularity of being detached, which makes it possible to completely free up the space and to be able to enjoy 100% of the room in which it is installed. Perfect for small spaces, however, it is not suitable for families with young children: the lack of a ramp is indeed quite dangerous for the little ones.

The arrangement under stairs

e-constructors Here is a fine example of custom fitting. Very designer, this set of shelves and drawers allows you to store a maximum of objects without encroaching on the living space. An ideal solution for small areas and significant space savings!

Closets and storage

Freshome At the design agency Fresh Home, the designers imagined these clever invisible but nevertheless very practical cupboards. This type of elegant and ingenious set must be made mostly to measure because the majority of the stairs are unique and meet a certain configuration of space. Carpentry specialists like Lapeyre or Leroy Merlin offer this type of layout at a relatively affordable price.

The spiral staircase

Leroy Merlin Here is another model of spiral staircase (from the Norman calimachon "escargot" that is to say word for word "limaçon à coquille"). More secure than the models without a ramp, it nevertheless takes up more space. Its shape remains the big favorite of small living spaces!

The quarter turn

Leroy Merlin This quarter-turn staircase houses a sitting area, thus maximizing the space of the living room. Before installing your staircase in a limited space, it is important to choose the height of the steps so that it is not too steep and therefore difficult to climb. The day between each step must be between 16 and 19 cm. Also remember to install the most imposing pieces of furniture upstairs, before installing the stairs: you will have much less difficulty handling them!

A practical and aesthetic storage space

Lapeyre The shelves are a decorative accessory that is very easy to install under a staircase, even for DIY novices! The effect is as graphic as the practical result. A good idea to apply without moderation in small spaces.