One room, several activities!

One room, several activities!

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Because we do not always have enough space to offer a room for each function of the house, we can save space by assigning two activities to a single room. The bedroom thus becomes an office bedroom, bathroom, living room, dressing room and even kitchen.

A living room

Fly ### To create a lounge area in the bedroom, we think of the loft bed, smart furniture and space saving.

A dressing room

Ikea ### Again, it is difficult to devote an entire room to the dressing room! We do not hesitate to bring it into the room by highlighting the clothes for a very fashionable room. You can also opt for a large wardrobe or close the dressing room with a large curtain.

A kitchen room

Ikea ### Finally, if you live in a studio, your bedroom may also be your kitchen. Or rather that it has a kitchenette for preparing meals. Then opt for good ventilation and keep your bed as far away as possible. Think of the mezzanine in order to save space and delimit the spaces.

An office bedroom

Ikea ### As it is rare to have a room dedicated to the office, it is often found in the bedroom. No problem, but keep it as far away from the bed as possible to define the spaces. Remember to materialize this area with a different color or a screen.