Garden storage shelters: everyone has their own style

Garden storage shelters: everyone has their own style

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Garden sheds are very useful storage spaces for storing bikes, lawnmowers and outdoor furniture. It remains to choose the style that suits you best. Here are ten to inspire you. Their particularity: their great originality!


Notice to the artists, the cabin at the bottom of the garden takes on the appearance of a glass roof. Perfect to house an office, a workshop…


To arrange the wood, the outdoor chairs… a covered platform does the trick. The proof in pictures!


Another example of a storage hut: an exotic shelter painted in turquoise blue. What make storage highly exotic!


A garden shed as an extra closet is a great idea!

Small house

Once the children grew up, this former playhouse was diverted into a storage shelter. Ingenious!


Modern look for this varnished wooden shelter with an aluminum door. Natural but chic!


Have you always dreamed of having a chalet? Why not build one, a storage space version, at the bottom of the garden? And now the garden escapes in the high mountains!


Frequent in the countryside, the stables and old barns are just waiting to be refurbished. Transform them into a storage area!


Seaside inspiration for this paneled shelter: all our garden and gardening equipment will find refuge there.