The return of the copper pan

The return of the copper pan

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Long forgotten - too expensive, too complicated to maintain - the copper saucepan is making its comeback today through the front door! Excellent conductor of heat, copper has always been the favorite material of cooks. At a time when the desire to cook good little dishes yourself is getting stronger, the copper saucepan and its salmon color so special can only seduce lovers of the stove! As pretty exposed on the walls as practical to use, it is again acclaimed in thousands of homes. Decryption of a seduction operation ...

Hammered metal

Baumalu Favorite for these models signed Baumalu, and their slightly hammered surface for a very successful decor effect! To hang without moderation in your kitchen.

Design ceiling

Contemporist Das Stue Hotel The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola wanted to make an impression with this suspended montage mixing pots and copper lights signed Tom Dixon. The particularly spectacular rendering is very appreciated by the customers of the Das Stue Hotel in Germany! An idea easily achievable at home if the ceiling height is sufficient.

Mini format

Mauviel Mauviel, a specialist in copper cookware since 1830, recently launched its M'Minis range in copper with stainless steel interior. The collection includes multiple small casseroles, which can be used on the dining table thanks to a suitable stove.

Regular maintenance

Pans & pans Like any metal, copper tends to oxidize over time and therefore requires regular maintenance. There are many products suitable for salmon metal, however the "grandmother" methods also work very well! So to make your pots shine after cleaning them with hot soapy water, do not hesitate to rub them with an onion, cabbage leaves, sorrel or even a cork.

A color so special

Baumalu Copper is the first metal used by humans in history. Excellent conductor of heat, it sports a pretty natural salmon color which enhances the objects covered with it.

A bronze handle

Scandi-vie Most copper pans have a bronze handle so as not to burn themselves when handled under high temperature. If the latter stops the circulation of heat, it is nonetheless delicate to handle and often requires the use of a cloth to avoid any accident!

Optimized use

Mauviel Copper pots are used on all types of fires, from the traditional gas stove to induction hobs. For the latter, it is necessary to use a relay disc to be placed between the plate and the pan for good cooking.

Country style

Ikea The copper saucepan, object of desire so aesthetic, has the advantage of being able to be displayed on the walls of your kitchen for a stylish and authentic decoration. Adapted rods are commercially available, but you can also imagine your own pendant light by playing with the shapes and layout of your pans!

To please yourself !

Mauviel What if you supplement your collection of pots with casseroles, pots and utensils in copper? As the end of year celebrations approach, make your list to Santa Claus: Mauviel, Scandi-vie and Baumalu brands offer varied collections and for all budgets!