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Space-saving mission: zoom on sliding doors

Space-saving mission: zoom on sliding doors

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Leaving enough room for opening and closing doors is a significant constraint in terms of space planning, especially when you live on a small surface. The solution ? Move towards sliding doors, surface mounted or retractable, which do not involve any movement. A clever alternative so as not to lose a single square meter. Presentation of the two systems available to you.

Sliding surface-mounted door with dressed rail

Leroy Merlin ### Here is the second alternative of the surface-mounted systems for sliding doors: a rail fixed to the wall but concealed by a beautiful covering, in this case, stainless steel. More aesthetic, this option allows to combine practicality and discretion. Only the glass door remains in the visual field, whether it is open or closed.

Installation of a retractable sliding door

Leroy Merlin ### Presentation of the other possibility for sliding doors: the pocket system also known as an integrated or retractable system. Its particularity is none other than to enter completely into the partition for total discretion. As the image above shows, this system is often adopted during work because it is then easier to install it inside the wall.

Double retractable system

Leroy Merlin ### Demonstration of a double brick partition solution in a doubly wide opening. Two sliding doors have indeed been integrated on both sides of the partition. The result is design, spacious and very practical. We love.

Examples of simple pocket doors

Leroy Merlin ### More common, simple retractable doors, integrated into only one side of the partition are the solution of choice to adopt at home when you want to save space. In terms of decoration, you just have to draw from a large panel of wooden or glass models…


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