10 scary kitchen molds for Halloween

10 scary kitchen molds for Halloween

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With October 31 approaching, think today about the recipes you will make for this day of celebration. Many preparations are possible, and the best is still to create cakes with terrifying shapes and colors of Halloween. We have made a selection of very specific molds on the themes of witches, ghosts and even zombies. It is up to you to make your choice !

Monstrous pudding

Horror Shop Inspired by the American television series, The Walking Dead, this zombie-shaped mold is perfect for scaring your guests with just chocolate and jelly. 16.90 euros

Orange story

RDV Cuisine In the shape of a pumpkin, this funny cookie cutter will delight your children while inviting them to get their hands dirty and thus play the pastry chefs. 4.07 euros

Winning duo

Wilton Decorate your cookies or cakes with these molds in the shape of a brain and an eyeball. The principle, melt candy in the different cavities and then slide your cake there. Easy ! 4.10 euros one

Brain cavity

Wilton This three-dimensional mold will honor the Halloween party. Its heavy cast aluminum conducts heat in a very uniform way to create a perfect and terrifying cake which can also be decorated with accessories like eyes, coulis and even strips of sugar mummy. 39.95 euros

Bag of bones

Fred A little flour, a little butter, milk, sugar, a few eggs and with the skeleton cookie cutter, you get nice cookies that will amuse young and old! With one side, you cut your cake, on the other, as a tampon, you dig the shape of the bones. 14.94 euros

Not really fairy fingers

Wilton But rather a witch! Here, these molds make it possible to give a touch of sugar to pretzels. Candy or chocolate, you pour what you want to bring originality to your table. 1.60 euros

For diversity

Lékué Ideal for children who will come and ask you for candy on the evening of Halloween, this silicone mold allows you to make small cakes or four-quarters in the original shape of pumpkin and other Halloween figures. 19.95 euros

Pure cocoa

Mafter In the shape of an owl, pumpkin or ghost, these polycarbonate chocolate molds give a monstrous but funny look to your confectionery. 21.36 euros for 25 prints

Macabre experience

Wilton This science lab silicone mold can be used to make ice cubes, ice cream, candies or pastries. Multitasking, you give terror to everything you want. 4.70 euros