Ideas for an Easy Halloween Buffet

Ideas for an Easy Halloween Buffet

We are not going to deny it, Halloween is indeed an American holiday but let's focus more on the word party rather than on the origin of this event. This time everyone agrees, right? An opportunity to meet up with friends or family, have fun and even be afraid, who wants to miss this? If you're ready to embark on a Halloween evening challenge (or simply a horror evening all the rest of the year), consult our grimoire of good ideas for a spooky, quick and delicious buffet!

Idea n ° 2: The brooms get carried away

Mom Foodie All you need is a stick of Alsace, a few sprigs of chives and cheese strings to equip yourself like a gourmet witch. Source: Mom Foodie

Idea # 3: Ghost Eggs

Whether you make holes in them or add eyes, these eggs always look like ghosts. It must also be said that they have a pale complexion. Source: Odélices, Someday I'll Learn and Wit and Whistle

Idea n ° 4: Pizz'araignée

The Pinning Mama We take the same ingredients as classic pizza but put them differently. And here is a spider and its web that will quickly be devoured! Source: The Pinning Mama

Idea n ° 5: Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day (at your own risk)

Raining Hot Coupons Fruits also have their place in a Halloween buffet provided they have the correct dress required, a piece of celery for the clementine and a few chocolate chips for the banana. Source: Raining Hot Coupons

Idea n ° 6: Stubby fingers

Jojoebi Designs Or rather diced! This culinary creation is so frightening of realism that it would almost suppress our appetite. However it is only a sausage, ketchup and onion, rest assured! Source: Jojoebi Designs

Idea n ° 7: Say cheese Mr. Jack!

Cute Food For Kids A Babybel, Nori seaweed and black sesame seeds, it doesn't take more to wake up the original Jack Skellington! Source: Cute Food For Kids

Idea n ° 8: The last sandwich

Pillsbury Honestly, for a last meal, I would take a slightly more sought-after dish but for a Halloween buffet that throws in it, the tombstone-shaped sandwiches are irresistible. Source: Pillsbury Now that your Halloween buffet is ready, you can start making monstrous cupcakes or horrible cakes. And on the decoration side, we can also offer you painted pumpkins and a DIY haunted house. Hurry up before someone puts a spell on you!