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The iconoclastic design of Marcel Wanders

The iconoclastic design of Marcel Wanders

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At Marcel Wanders, design comes down to originality thanks to a clever blend of humor and poetry. If the creator works for many publishers, he also has his own publishing house with Moooi which means "beautiful" in Dutch. To get an idea of ​​his work, we suggest you discover 10 original creations.

The Monster chair

Moooi Created for its own publishing house, this chair is entirely covered with synthetic leather in a padded version. It reinvents the legs by giving them an original shape and size which gives the chair its identity.

Print sofa

Moroso For Moroso, Marcel Wanders plays with fashion and offers a sofa adorned with patterns in bright colors which gives this room in the living room a kaleidoscopic air. The eye is completely turned upside down by the associations of colors and graphics.

Can Can pendant light

Flos Here is another piece that does not hesitate to mix styles. At first sight, design due to its refined form, this pendant light contains a very rich ornamental decor close to the Baroque world.

Skygarden pendant light

Flos A real favorite of the editorial staff, this suspension also puts on surprise. The exterior is indeed classic and design with a black lacquered dome but the interior houses a very refined plaster decoration reminiscent of the rosettes of the Haussmann apartments.

Dressed coaster

Alessi With Alessi, Marcel Wanders appropriates metal. He then offers this object a poetic ornamentation while combining these forms with a refined and very design design. Something to confuse the codes.

Stone stool

Kartell At Kartell, the designer is inspired by the shape of the Tam Tam stool but offers it a unique covering that transcends the whole giving the stool a diamond appearance with multiple facets.

The Delft Blue vase

Moooi From the Delft Blue collection, this vase reinterprets the traditional Delft porcelain and each piece is also produced at Royale Delft to offer a real mix between tradition and modernity.

The Model 06 rug

Moooi When Marcel Wanders became interested in carpets, he applied an almost hypnotizing arabesque motif to them. Inspired by the oriental world, the carpet makes a link between tradition and modernity.

Chubby low armchair

Slide For Slide, the designer offers a collection of outdoor furniture that combines pure but warm lines with their roundness and bright colors to transform the garden in the blink of an eye.