50 decorative ideas for a vintage wedding

50 decorative ideas for a vintage wedding

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From another time

Britta Schunck

Be sure to place all kinds of vintage decorative items everywhere. A few weeks before D-Day, wander around the flea markets looking for old books, cameras or knick-knacks. They will be your best allies for a retro decoration at the top! Source: Britta Schunck

Total look

Britta Schunck

More generally, we take the idea of ​​old objects and associate it with the guinguette spirit but also the hodgepodge of styles. The seats are still all different, at the table, this time. And the roundels, the pennants, the pompoms are invited everywhere on the walls of your reception room. Source: Britta Schunck

A little bit of softness

Brooklyn Photography

Pastel tones, grandmothers' dishes and lace, that's also vintage. On your table, opt for placemats, engraved glasses, plates with floral decor and why not napkins embroidered with the names of your guests. Go back guaranteed! Source: Brooklyn Photography

An industrial touch

Aneta Mak

To make your wedding unique, choose your reception location carefully. Here, in an old workshop, with exposed bricks and metal beams, you switch to the more industrial trend of vintage. No need for much more for your decoration to be perfect, apart from large stars and luminous letters to sublimate the whole. Source: Aneta Mak

All in sobriety

Giant design

A little British tableware, chairs weathered by time and a flowery centerpiece, with notes of peach, lavender and lilac, all the elements are there to design the dream vintage decoration. Old frames, some old mirrors on the wall and voila. Source: Giant Design

Shabby chic trend

Night of the Angels

Variation of the style, here again, we play the card of the linen of yesteryear. We associate it with some old photos, pearls and refined dishes. More ingredients to master the art of retro decoration. Source: Night of the Angels

A vitamin decoration

Wedding Reception Ideas

Same spirit. But we add a little more color and fantasy. We give in to the festive style with canisters and ramekins filled with sweets. The various tangy accessories will do the rest to give this vintage table a little madness. Source: Wedding Reception Ideas

Relaxation area

Rock My Wedding

And so that your guests can relax quietly, or simply find themselves, set up their small lounges, practical for exchanging impressions or resting their feet after dancing too much. How? 'Or' What ? By combining styles and desires of course! Source: Rock My Wedding

Old packaging and displays


You have chosen to offer cupcakes to your guests but you do not know how to present them so as not to denote in your retro atmosphere? You just need to get old displays and packaging in the old print!

Wrought iron furniture

Houses of the world

By adopting elegant wrought iron furniture for your wedding, you bring a vintage and authentic note to the decor in the blink of an eye. Source: Maisons du Monde

Old candy jars

Houses of the world

To create a "candy bar" during your wedding with a vintage atmosphere, also think of the old candy jars that were formerly found in small merchants. A real charming asset! Source: Maisons du Monde

An old flowered ladder

Love my dress - Mi boda DIY

Old scales are ideal for bringing a touch of authenticity to the decor of a vintage wedding. Just like here, add a few flower pots and small candles. Sources: Love my dress & Mi boda DIY

Mix and match

Green Wedding Shoes

For a reception totally in the theme, it is declined until the ceremony. We love the mix of genres, very representative of the retro spirit, a little catch-all. We then think of mismatching the chairs for a very original effect. Be aware that companies now specialize in the rental of vintage seats for all your events. Source: Green Wedding Shoes

To present the menu

Mi boda DIY

Another idea to pique if you want to use an old ladder in your decor: transform it into a menu display near the space reserved for meals! Source: Mi boda DIY

Direction signs

Mi boda DIY

Need to tell your guests which direction to take? Why not install these panels on an old wooden ladder with a weathered appearance? Source: Mi boda DIY

A gourmet corner

Mi boda DIY

Finally, the last tip to make an old ladder useful in its vintage wedding decor: make it a gourmet corner with cakes, candies or fresh lemonades! Source: Mi boda DIY

Old suitcases

Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair

In your vintage themed wedding decor, don't forget one of the essential accessories: the retro leather suitcase! You can of course play the accumulation for a more surprising result. Source: Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair

A pretty lemonade fountain

Wedding Chicks - Cook Bake & Decorate

You have found old lemonade fountains on a flea market but you had not yet found a special occasion to take them out? A vintage wedding will certainly be the perfect moment! Sources: Wedding Chicks & Cook Bake & Decorate

Jars for flowers

Wed Me Pretty - Il Giardino del Brocante

On a table with vintage decor, there is no question of buying vases to accommodate the flowers. The old jars take care of it! Sources: Wed Me Pretty & Il Giardino del Brocante

Keys to the seating plan

Wedding Chicks

Are you looking for an original idea to present your table plan? Why not use old keys that you will elegantly place on a table… Source: Wedding Chicks

Unique candles

Paper Blog - Buzzfeed

If you want to create really original candles for your big day, make them homemade by pouring your wax into delicate and old teacups. Lovely, right? Sources: Paper Blog & Buzzfeed

Old apple crates

Bridal Musings - HubPages

Stack your old apple crates and install candles, bouquets of flowers and why not the dinner set! Sources: Bridal Musings & HubPages

Retro furniture

Wedding Chicks - The Every Last Detail

Create your wedding decor like a small house, it is also possible by relying on a few pieces of retro furniture such as an old chest of drawers or an old sideboard! Sources: Wedding Chicks & The Every Last Detail

Vintage dishes

Bridal Guide - Leslee Mitchell

A vintage themed wedding would be nothing without pretty vintage tableware! We love the charming mismatched result. Sources: Bridal Guide & Leslee Mitchell

A photo booth

Rural Girl - Weddings Events

Since the Volkswagen combi of the 70s are so popular, we do not hesitate to transform one into a photo booth on D-Day. Original, right? Sources: Rural Girl & Weddings Events

Zinc basins

Wedding Bells - Ohmyweddingplanners

What a great idea to use old zinc basins to keep drinks cold! Sources: Wedding Bells & Ohmyweddingplanners

Pages of old books

Wedding Chicks - Marias Farmhouse

To change the traditional rice thrown on the newlyweds at the exit of the town hall or the church, why not opt ​​for a fragrant handful of lavender? And to contain it, we keep the idea of ​​the old by recovering the pages of an old book. Sources: Wedding Chicks & Marias Farmhouse

A staging for photos

Style Me Pretty - Inspired by this

Photobooths are particularly appreciated at wedding receptions, so there's no question of missing out on the trend! Imagine a little staging, add some old frames, and let your guests have fun under the eye of the photographer! Sources: Style Me Pretty & Inspired by this

An old bird cage

Vicky's Home - Cedarwood Weddings

Hanging in the air or placed on the table, the bird cages are the charming asset of a retro themed decor. You can slip in candles as well as pretty bouquets of flowers. Sources: Vicky's Home & Cedarwood Weddings

Old mirrors for news

Wedding Chicks -

To register the seating plan or the dinner menu, bet on the originality card by writing everything on old mirrors! Sources: Wedding Chicks &

A seating plan on an old window


So that your guests are surprised as soon as they arrive at the reception venue, imagine a very atypical seating plan. Here it was inscribed on an old window and placed on an easel. Source: VintageHouseCreations

Large industrial letters

Style Me Pretty

To bring an industrial touch to your vintage decor, adopt large and old metal sign letters. You can easily install them along a wall! Source: Style Me Pretty

Old boxes for bouquets

Ruffled - The Angry Bride

To accompany your glass jars on the table, also think of old metal boxes to slide your country bouquets. Sources: Ruffled & The Bride in Anger

Pennants with old fabrics

Intimateweddings - The Barefoot Bride

It is easy to find on the flea markets old old fabrics which will be very practical for making garlands of pennants. All you have to do is hang them everywhere! Sources: Intimateweddings & The Barefoot Bride

Old photo booths

Colin Cowie Weddings - 100 Layer Cake-let

If the photo booth doesn't tell you more than that, you can also bring an old model with a very authentic look into your decor. Sources: Colin Cowie Weddings & 100 Layer Cake-let

Original confetti

TheLonelyHeart - Ddeforest

If you have old damaged books on hand, take the opportunity to transform them into original confetti for your wedding. Sources: TheLonelyHeart & Ddeforest

A vintage typewriter

The angry bride - whimsical wonderland weddings

To have your guests leave you a few words of congratulation or simply to decorate, add a vintage typewriter to your decor. Sources: The Angry Bride & Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

A wall of frames

Secretaria Evento - Happy Wedd

After having nailed together several aged wooden planks, fix old frames here and there. You just have to drag the photos you want! Sources: Secretaria Evento & Happy Wedd

Recovered spirit for the seating plan

Carey Nash - Vintage Charm Sud

Make your own support for your seating plan with old wooden planks. Hang wires or use small nails to add tags with the names of each guest. Sources: Carey Nash & Vintage Charm Sud

An old bicycle

Eleanor's - Save on Crafts

To replace the car that transports the bride and groom or as a simple decorative item, the old bicycle is the ally of weddings with a vintage atmosphere! Sources: Eleanor's & Save on Crafts

Little words

Wedding Chicks - Style Me Pretty

Thanks to these vintage suitcases transformed into "letter boxes", your guests will be able to leave you small words of congratulations that you will be delighted to read once the reception is over. Sources: Wedding Chicks & Style Me Pretty


Wedding Chicks

What would a vintage themed wedding be without one or more polaroids in the background? The plus: your guests will be able to hang their photos on a wire as they go thanks to small clothespins! Source: Wedding Chicks

Customize cans

TheBeezeKnees - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Recover old cans, wrap them in elegant paper with vintage prints and attach them as usual behind the groom's vehicle. Sources: TheBeezeKnees & Blog of Francesco Mugnai

A sky of old light bulbs

Weheartit - Bridal Snob

Bulbs mounted on old sockets are the must-have for vintage themed weddings. Fixed in number above the dinner table, they create a most magical decor. Sources: Weheartit & Bridal Snob

A journey into the past

Wedding Chicks - Trendy Wedding

To add a touch of travel to your retro decor, adopt old maps in the form of a world map or globe. Your guests can leave small messages or hang photos there. Sources: Wedding Chicks & Trendy Wedding

Jute and lace on the jars

Style Me Pretty - Emilie Vigeant

To give your jars the charm of yesteryear, customize them with burlap and lace. Sources: Style Me Pretty & Emilie Vigeant

Old vials in the center of the table

The Hyperbalist - Weddings by Lilly

To welcome your flowers in the center of the table, adopt pretty and old vials of different sizes and colors. We love the result! Sources: The Hyperbalist & Weddings by Lilly

"Just Married"

Style Me Pretty - Nhayesdesigns

Think of the vintage touch right up to the car by hanging two banners of pennants in burlap on which are inscribed the famous "Just Married". Sources: Style Me Pretty & Nhayesdesigns

Burlap on the table

Timeless - Elodie Events

Burlap is also great for creating authentic table decor on the table. On the tablecloth or on the table runner, it's up to you! Sources: Instemporel & Elodie Events