10 Christmas decor ideas at SIA

10 Christmas decor ideas at SIA

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Like every year, to accompany your festive Christmas atmosphere, the new SIA winter collection offers a clever mix of eclecticism and stylistic cohesion. Special mention to the designers who have successfully metered this mixture with a precision of goldsmiths. We admire the classic red Christmas or the design of objects such as candle holders to decorate our interior with softness and efficiency. Here are our 10 favorites for our party decor.

A "couture" spirit with porcelain

SIA Through this multi-sensory collection of pleated objects, porcelain brings a poetic side. To sublimate our Christmas tables or our dressers in various rooms of the house, these vases, candlesticks or decorations will decorate the room very gently. Something to delight our eyes during the holiday season and even afterwards. Peacock decoration, candle holders, vases: from 22 euros to 79 euros

Crystal clear transparency for Christmas

SIA The candle brings a "warm" side to the design of these candlesticks and candelabras, inspired by mineral landscapes. SIA has bet this season on sobriety, chic and sleek design, we love it. The shapes vary depending on the shape of the candle, and we play on the transparent. Arctic photo frame: 99 euros Tealight holder, candelabra, candle holder: from 49 euros to 199 euros

A poetic decoration straight out of the undergrowth.

SIA Noël is inspired here by the raw and poetic beauty of winter in the mountains. We would like to be able to find ourselves in a chalet in the middle of the forest in an atmosphere such as here. The little birds and the colorful pine cones dress the upturned fir and the fur accompanies our armchair or sofa. A stunning style. Faux fur blanket: 259 euros Illuminated inverted fir tree: 649 euros Bird clips, pinecone decorations and balls: from 5.90 euros to 7.90 euros

Shiny vases welcome our winter bouquets

SIA We dare the graphics in our interior whatever it is. Suiting a design as much as a rustic living room, you can dare a decorative object such as this refined vase. We note that mixed with wood, the faience of these vases with generous shapes is perfect. So we advise you to take action for a perfect refined Christmas decoration. Igor vases, H45 cm: 69 euros

We dare the white and blue fir

SIA Small characters, balls and decorations in white and blue tones will dress your tree for a Christmas steeped in the traditions of yesteryear. Light decor like a feather. From 6.90 euros to 12.90 euros

A traditional fir tree in white snow

SIA Bundled up in purple and white tones, the flocked white fir tree immerses Christmas in the traditional Scandinavian atmosphere. From the heart wreath to the balls of the fir tree passing by the decorations of all kinds, Christmas blooms. And it is for the pleasure of our eyes that the magic operates to give shape to our childhood dreams. Christmas tree decorations: from 5.90 euros to 17.90 euros Heart wreath in berries: 89 euros

Red plays on accumulation

SIA For the Christmas celebrations all in authenticity, we put on the accumulation of candle holders, candle holders and other candles. For a total "Santa Claus" look, we follow the typical spirit until our decoration, all in red and white of course. Alba candle holders, cracked glass: € 69 both Sissi candle holder blown glass: € 39 Reflect candle, paraffin, cedar scent: € 69

Christmas rhymes with sweetness

SIA Nothing is more pleasant than a warm Christmas by the fire. In this "chalet" style room with its wall of raw wood planks, a more contemporary touch is added thanks to the armchair / ottoman set with modern lines. The whole decoration contributes to winter tranquility by the fire, we succumb.

A Christmas always well supported

SIA The Christmas decor is inspired by the Nordic countries to transcribe in our homes a warm universe. Winter figures are taken from traditional Scandinavian culture: snow globe, candle jars and figurines. A little kitsch side assumed that we do not dislike. Léo Friends figurines painted or decorated by hand, poly resin: from 14.90 euros to 25 euros